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Innovating Shipping with Fixguru OPP Packaging Tape
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Innovating Shipping with Fixguru OPP Packaging Tape


This is especially evident in the current world where e-commerce and international business is the norm, packaging helps in making products reach their intended destinations well packaged and without suffering from damage or deterioration. They are not very well known but they are one of the beneficial packaging resource in this world which is OPP packaging tape. Now let’s explain why OPP (Oriented Polypropylene) is an indispensable tool for every business, how it is used, and why its usage is life-altering in the sphere of shipping.

What is OPP Packaging Tape?

OPP is an abbreviation for Orior Polypropylene and if added to Packaging tape means the tape is made up of polypropylene material.

BOPP packaging tape or OPP (Oriented Polypropylene) tape is an all – round utility adhesive tape that finds application as a sealing tape for cardboard boxes or other forms of packaging. It is a highly polished, smooth, quite flexible and durable polypropylene film with acrylic adhesive layer. This alignment guarantees a strong and stable seam that cannot easily open up along the line or at the edges as would be the case with other materials under pressure or force such as when worn, washed or even ironed.

The Advantages of OPP Packaging Tape

Strength and Durability: OPP tape is characterized by high tensile strength and practically no elongation which means that it is quite good to be used in securing large items.

Weather Resistance: It is also heat sensitive and has a moisture resistance feature, allowing your packages to be secure during transportation.

Versatility: It is well compatible with every one of cardboard, plastic, metal and other types of surface that are used in packaging industry.

Ease of Use: This type of OPP tape comes in various width standards and lengths, and is conveniently dispensable through handheld tape dispensers, some of which include:

Applications of OPP Packaging Tape

E-commerce and Retail: Used in sealing boxes that carry online wholesale or retail sale products to ensure the products are safe from exposure to contaminants.

Warehousing and Logistics: It was a clasp type which was used in ware houses as well as in the distribution centers to firm up the pallets as well as to close the boxes.

Moving and Storage: Especially when repacking the boxes under moving or when need to store different items in the house.

Innovations in OPP Packaging Tape

OPP packaging tape refers to any packaging tape that has an outer layer made of polypropylene (OPP). OPP packaging tapes have become widely used packaging solutions as they offer numerous benefits and advantages over other traditional packaging tapes. Here some of the recent innovations in OPP packaging tape:

OPP tapes have benefited greatly from advancements in packaging tape technology, making the new packaging OPP tape even more effective. Innovations include:

Printed OPP Tape: Customizable with logos, messages, or handling instructions, enhancing brand visibility and package handling efficiency.
Low-Noise OPP Tape: Reduces the noise produced during dispensing, creating a quieter working environment.
Environmentally Friendly Options: Biodegradable and recyclable variants of OPP tape are becoming more prevalent, meeting the growing demand for sustainable packaging solutions.

When selecting OPP packaging tape, consider factors such as:

Adhesive Strength: Ensure it matches the weight and type of materials being packaged.
Width and Length: Choose the right size for your packaging needs to ensure proper sealing.
Special Features: Opt for additional features like printability or noise reduction if they align with your operational requirements.


In conclusion, OPP packaging tape is more than just a tool for securing boxes. It’s an essential component of modern shipping and logistics, ensuring that goods are delivered safely and securely to their destinations. As the industry evolves, so too will the technology behind OPP tape, offering new innovations to meet the ever-changing needs of businesses and consumers alike. Whether you’re packing items for sale, storage, or relocation, Fixguru OPP packaging tape is a reliable choice that continues to play a vital role in the world of shipping and logistics.

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